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Our vision is to help create a world where hospital beds are empty and all people are living abundant lives free of a reliance on drugs, without sickness, and disease. A world where optimal health and wellness are the norm.

That starts here at TruRoots Chiropractic in Mount Juliet, TN.

As a principled chiropractic care team, we focus on the nervous system and aim to remove inflammation and irritation through specific chiropractic adjustments which will then allow the brain to communicate optimally with the rest of the body and ultimately heal itself.

We are committed to educating the Mount Juliet community on what it means to grow into truhealth and serving our practice members and their families.

Getting to the root of the problem leads to lifelong health and wellness.

How We Help

chiropractic care

chiropractic care

chiropractic care

What People Say

I came in for pain in my right shoulder, neck, and lower back. After only a few adjustments my pain was almost gone. Now after a couple months of being under care my pain is completely gone! And on top of that I was able to greatly decrease my blood pressure medication. Now that I am getting adjusted regularly my body is functioning better on its own and no longer needs all the medication.
My husband and I are BOTH so thankful to Dr. Evan and his staff. My husband was having a hard time walking from the back and sciatic pain. He is now up and running! And I have started wearing heels again after so long of lower back, knee and foot pain. The staff is amazing, the care is extraordinary, and the knowledge there way exceeds expectations.
Michael is autistic and had issues with water touching him, trouble communicating clearly, and had occasional meltdowns. Michael now washes his own hair without fuss, swims and floats in the pool and he does it without fear, and he can now have complete conversations! He is learning how to better process his emotions and is starting to bond with extended family.
Dr. Evan is the first and only chiropractor (out of a dozen I've tried) that gave me relief! Others either told me I would just have to 'deal with' the hip pain until I delivered the baby and others kept me coming back with little to no improvement but Dr. Evan had me moving, exercising, and feeling AMAZING through my pregnancy!


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Be SMART About Your Goals!

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